The Story

We are a natural-and-glam jewelry line created by two sisters who love fashion and life.  Two women who had the audacity to believe they could help change the world one design at a time. One night, while sitting at a woman's conference and hearing the devastating statistics on human trafficking and sex slavery, our eyes were opened to modern day slavery.  Our hearts were stirred to do something that could help support this cause.  It gave our lives a bigger purpose.  Shortly after,  Bracha was created out of this desire to make an impact.

In Hebrew Bracha ''[B*raka]'' means blessing.  That is what we intend to be through every design.   Twenty-percent of every Bracha purchase goes to fight the war on human trafficking.    Every design has FREEDOM in mind.  

Beautiful, Strong and Free

We believe every woman has the innate right to be both beautiful and free.  So, at Bracha we design natural-and-glam jewelry for two reasons -- beauty and freedom.  We mindfully create pieces to illuminate a woman's individual style and personality -- and to magnify her unique "brand of beauty", both inside and out.   At the same time, when a woman slips on a Bracha bracelet or necklace, they are creating hope and freedom for a young girl or woman somewhere else in the world.  As we say at Bracha:  "Wear it to end it".

Our pieces are designed one-of-a-kind and handcrafted. Or, as we like to call it, “heartmade”.   Each piece is an expression of what inspires us:  courage, love, peace, faith, the magnificence and colors of the natural world and a constant reminder of the marvelous journey we call life.    

We are committed to offering unique, on trend, and affordable pieces without compromising quality.  We do this by using natural stones, gold-filled metals and semi precious gemstones. 

Bracha is about encouraging and empowering women.  Encouraging them to find their voice and strength in their own natural beauty.   In fact, the natural stones we select for our jewelry may appear rough or rugged on the outside, yet they are radiant and beautiful on the inside.  Many of us were this way until someone believed there was more to us than our circumstances or how we appeared on the outside -- similar to those imprisoned by human trafficking. 

Our hope is that when you purchase Bracha, conversations will be sparked and awareness will be raised about the issue of human trafficking. We hope each woman who wears our pieces will become an ambassador and an advocate.  Not only for our brand, but also for other women, everywhere, so that they too can feel beautiful, strong, and free.  

We know there is world of jewelry out there, so thank you for choosing us.  It's not just jewelry, it's a movement.  Your purchase helps to bring hope and freedom to children, men, and woman around the world. 

                                             "Every Design Has Freedom In Mind'' 


Sayra + Michelle